Nikki O'Leary


Hi, I'm Nikki. 

I tell stories with my camera. 

I've been taking pictures for as long as I could remember (remember 110mm cameras? Whoa). I inherited my mother's 35mm camera when I was 14, and began what became many years in the dark room. Since then, I've been taking pictures of people and places as I wandered from place to place.

Through this process of looking and searching, I've uncovered a story of my ancestry, rich in mariner history. I make work about that, as well, where I embrace several alternative processes. This is where I learned to use the camera as pen and paper  - to create a visual representation of a story. 

I love telling stories. I'd love to tell yours...

Large Format Film Photography
Digital Photography
Alternative Processes 
Book Binding
Making Things 

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