Nikki O'Leary

Portrait of Leigh Fowler of Inspirant in Chicago, Ilinois
Portrait of Sabrinne at Crossfit Notorious in Chicago, Illinois
Portrait of Gerardo Velasco at Crossfit Notorious in Chicago, Illinois
Demonstrating the rope climb and rings at Crossfit Notorious fitness studio in Chicago
Opera singer, Ronnita Miller taking a stroll by the river in downtown Chicago, photographed by Nikki O'Leary for Libretto Magazine.
Portrait of opera singer, Ronnita Miller under a bridge on the Chicago River, photographed for Libretto Magazine by Nikki O'Leary.
Flags USA shows one of their American Flags on a red wall
Wife and daughter owner's of Flags USA, Judy and Kim, talk shop on the terrace.
Elmer peers out of the window from his auto shop.
Documenting Elmer's day-to-day as an auto mechanic as he looks in the engine of a car in the garage on a snowy day.
Emily and her assistant laugh as they put together boutonnieres for an upcoming wedding in the EcoWilde Flower Co. studio in Oak Park. Photographed by Nikki O'Leary.
EcoWilde Flower Co. Owner, Emily stands at her pink desk, elevated by stacks of white books, as she works with some floral arrangements.
Emily of EcoWilde Flower Co. holds up a succulent boutonniere for a close up in her Oak Park studio.
Vase of flowers to be used in a bouquet for EcoWilde Flower Co.
Woman taking a sip of coffee at Lost Larson in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago
Playing shuffleboard in the courtyard at Village MD in Chicago.
Jamie in the meeting room at the Bounteous headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.
Portrait of Heidi Coudal in her urban garden at Big Delicious Planet, preparing to serve a dish during a farm to table dinner.
Detail of some greens in the urban garden of Delicious Planet in Chicago.
Constructing a beet salad dish in the kitchen at Big Delicious Planet during a farm to table dinner.
View of the dining area during a summer farm to table dinner at Big Delicious Planet, photographed by Nikki O'Leary.
Woman inserting a Colgate crib mattress in a nursery.
Interior of a nursery featuring a crib
Detail of a camera, held by photographer Chad Husar.
Hair stylist, Twila holding sheers at Lumos Nox Studio
Portrait of Emma in a conference room at DRW in Chicago, taken by photographer Nikki O'Leary.
Portrait of Alex of DRW standing in a conference room at the Chicago office.
Ria's daugher, sitting at the kitchen table in their South Loop home in Chicago.
Portrait of Aedan at the Geneva Trading Company office in Chicago.
Portrait of Emily Neumann of EcoWilde Flower Company, wearing one of her floral crowns, photographed by Nikki O'Leary.
Emily Neumann of EcoWilde Flower Company laying in a field of flowers
Glass blowing demonstration at the Ignite glass blowing studio in Chicago
Portrait of Max at the DevBridge office in Chicago
Detail of doodles that Max drew at DevBridge in Chicago, Illinois.
Portrait of Morgan at the Cameo headquarters in Chicago, Illinois
Mural in a conference room at Cameo in Chicago.
Portrait of Cindy at Rally Health in Chicago, Illinois
Portrait of Jeffrey Basso at SAP Fieldgass in Chicago, Illinios
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