Nikki O'Leary

Large format film portrait of Adam O'Leary, taken by photographer Nikki O'Leary.
Niagara Falls, photographed by Nikki O'Leary, taken with her 120mm film camera
A woman standing in the Sandwich coast marshes in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, photographed on film.
"There was always the sea," Searsport, Maine. A photograph of my grandmothers ashes on the mantle.
Motel Bed in Rockport, Maine with painting and patterned wallpaper, by photographer Nikki O'Leary
Self portrait of Nikki O'Leary in the kitchen holding her son by the sink as he watches the water run from the faucet.
An airplane carousel hung in my grandfather's garage in Searsport, Maine, photographed on film.
"On the Margin of Stones," a black and white film portrait depicting a woman wrapped in cloth eating stones
A portrait of photographer Jen Jansen sitting on her couch in her Bucktown Chicago Loft.
A detail of my grandfather's restored 1933 Chevy in his Searsport, Maine garage.
Bird in cage at the Yuen Po Bird Garden in Hong Kong.
Ghost Town Saloon, near Santa Fe New Mexico. Large format black and white film photography.
Silhouette Portrait at dusk, Penobscot Bay, Maine photographed on film
Emily Neumann of EcoWilde Flower Company prepping flowers for a bouquet in her Oak Park studio.
Black and white large format film self portrait, holding a birds nest, suspended by string.
Portrait of Christopher laying in bed at the Cloud Club in Boston, Massachusetts, photographed in black and white.
Landscape of a forested mountain in Hong Kong, photographed on film.
Portrait of a man standing on a train in Tallahassee Florida, shot on large format black and white film.
Film portrait of Kyle floating down the Wisconsin River in a life vest holding a flask.
Film portrait of a girl wearing a blue dress at dusk near the woods in Boston, Massachusetts.
Large format black and white pinhole photo of a canoe parked on the coast of Wisconsin River.
Margo's family photo album laying on her bed with beams of light from the window.
Portrait of Margo laying on her bed in Pilsen, Chicago.
Dad's backyard firepit in South Carolina, gathered from pinecones and cardboard box
Tintype portrait of Alicia, close up of her hands holding her hair over her face, taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico by photographer Nikki O'Leary.
Portrait of sailor and carpenter Rob North at the Jackson Park Yacht Club in Chicago.
Detail of Rob North's nautical map at the Jackson Park Yacht Club in Chicago.
Interior detail of the charter boat The Nebula while interviewing Marty Bernstein about his first sailing experience from Chicago to Mackinac
Portrait of Marty Bernstein at the helm of the boat The Nebula, photographed by Nikki O'Leary.
Portrait of Captain Toby sitting aboard the Robert Allan II, as he tells the story of this historical wooden boat, and how he became the owner.
Detail of the Robert Allan II anchored to the Canal Street Marina in Chicago, Illinois.
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