Nikki O'Leary

Motel bed against painting and brown patterned wall paper in Rockport, Maine. Photographed by Nikki O'Leary
Yellow bird and telephone on shelf in Hotel Lincoln, Chicago
Man's silhouette behind a screen door in a Ryokan in Kyoto, Japan, photographed by Nikki O'Leary
Two figures pushing a shrine during the shrine festival in Matsudo, Japan. Photographed by Nikki O'Leary
Woman's legs stretching into the window light in a dark room at the Boston Public Library.
Captain Toby's hand reaches over the helm of one of the oldest working boats in Chicago, The Robert Allan II.
A detail of the bow of The Robert Allan II anchored in the marina at Canal Street Marina.
Three friends floating down the Wisconsin River wearing life jackets. Photograph taken by Nikki O'Leary
Dad's makeshift fire pit, a collection of pine cones gathered in a cardboard box in Spartanburg, South Carolina during a road trip.
Film photograph of a mountain in Hong Kong, taken by photographer Nikki O'Leary.
Palm tree detail from the Garfield Park Conservatory, photograph taken by Nikki O'Leary.
Emily Neumann of EcoWilde Flower Company frolics in the woods in a yellow jacket. Photographed by Nikki O'Leary of Nikki O'Leary photography and Midnight Gold Collective.
Clay gardening pots on a shelf at A New Leaf, Chicago
A black and white detail of a mariachi playing the horn, taken by photographer Nikki O'Leary.
A detail of the Pretty Please fluorescent sign at the Blind Barber bar in Chicago, Illinois, taken by photographer Nikki O'Leary.
Margo's photo album on the bed next to the window. Photographed by Nikki O'Leary.
A pear tree at Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn, Illinois, photographed by Nikki O'Leary.
Boy holding a cicada during a picnic at Humboldt Park in Chicago, Ilinois.
Grandmother's old house from the overgrown garden in Searsport, Maine, photograph taken by Nikki O'Leary.
Buddha statue in the woods in Oldsmar, Florida, photographed by Nikki O'Leary during a pandemic road trip.
Sunset at Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn, Illinois
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